Sato Japanese Restaurant - Menu

Japnese dish

Sato Japanese Restaurant provides an authentic Japanese dining experience.

"...The chef's 'Gary' and 'Marco' produce an exceptional variety of sushi, in this mid-size restaurant. The fish is of the finest quality, and is fully appreciated by the clientele, judging by the full tables and bar most evenings. Interaction between the chef's and their customers at the bar, adds to a thoroughly enjoyable sushi dining experience..."


Kappa Maki (Cucumber) $3.80
California Roll $4.00
Tekka Maki (Tuna) $4.70
Negihama Roll $4.70
Spicy Tekka Roll (Tuna) $4.80
Vegetable Tempura Roll $6.00
Philadelphia Roll $6.50
Salmon Skin Roll $6.80
Rock and Roll $7.00
Snow Crab Roll $6.80
Dynamite Roll $6.80
Tempura Roll $6.80
California Inside-Out $6.80
Aspara Snow Roll $7.50
Fireball Roll $7.50
Sato Special Roll $7.90
Spider Roll $8.90
Avocado Special Roll $9.50
Sper Crab Crunch Roll $13.90
Unagi Snow Aspara Roll $12.90
Dragon Roll $14.90
Rainbow Roll $13.90